Saturday, April 18, 2009

Espresso pops

These were so much fun!

They are all espresso, or mocha latte...not sure what to call them yet. Suggestions are welcome.
As for the appearance, lets take a vote!
Take a look at the different espresso pops and vote (to the right) on which
one you think looks best.

Thanks for your help!
I can't pick a favorite, I really love them all!

I can't wait to see what everyone thinks!


  1. These are delicious AND cute!! I love them!!!

  2. I like the brown and white ones better than the pink... but they're both adorable!

    On an unrelated note, it would be really cool if you could make the sticks out of something edible. I have no idea what, but just throwing it out there. :)

  3. These look absolutely yummmy - Tracy's Coffee flavored anything turns out awesome - can't wait to sink my teeth into one?

  4. Why couldn't I be around to try out THAT little experiment?! Looks DELICIOUS!