Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 1 behind me...Back to running!

As of yesterday, I've been on The Daniel Fast for 1 week. It's going very well so far. I'm already receiving definite answers to prayer! God is so awesome and faithful! This week's challenge was that I did bake, though I didn't think I would. I wouldn't voluntarily torture myself and make a batch of cookies for the house! But, I received an order from a customer. I didn't realize how often I would take a little piece of chocolate if making pops, or a bite of cake, or a taste of caramel when making S'mores. The interesting thing though, is that it's much easier to not take a taste when it's for God. I've been trying to lose weight for quite a while, and those little temptations are much harder to resist when it's for yourself. I won't say it isn't difficult, but it's more satisfying to not indulge when it's for Him. Today I ran for the first time in...I'd rather not say. It was awful. Lungs burning, feeling slow and sluggish. Like I'd never run before. Almost. My niece, Susan is running her first 5k this month (go Susan!) and I agreed to do it with her. Then I wallowed in my own misery so long that I just got around to training for it. Was I really so arrogant as to think I could go months without running and then knock out a 5k like it's no big deal? Arrogant, or a little immobilized by my pain. Whatever the reason, it isn't good enough. Running is good for me. I love running. I feel better when I run. I have time to think. I have time to pray. I have time without distractions. How could I have sacrificed the blessing in that for so long? It doesn't matter. I'm back. Please keep praying for Travis. That's it for now.

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